Instead of going over the shows in detail, because I'm trying to keep my mind on Autumn and not get too excited about next season this early, I decided to compile a visual feast of a post and collect together sixteen looks from sixteen different LFW shows that I loved. Every one of these outfits (and the rest of the collections they are from) is making me look forward to Spring and are sure to inspire the way I dress when the time comes.

What are your favourite collections from LFW?

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The Ruffles

While LFW is in full swing, I've been doing what I do best; stuffing my face at Jamie's Italian restaurant to celebrate one of my best friend's 24th birthday. Delicious Arancini & amazing brownie dessert were consumed, along with a celebratory glass of prosecco and all in all it was a lovely night.

I was going to wear a dress, but I really am a jeans girl, I have to admit. Plus it was a cold and damp evening, and jeans just make me feel extra cosy. So, I opted for Primark super skinnies paired with a Zara blouse, Koi Couture ankle boots and Urban Outfitters cross ring.

Still compiling a post on my favourite LFW shows, but I've been reblogging some LFW stuff over at my tumblr if you want to check that out :).

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As We Go

I wore this outfit out for dinner; where I ate the most delicious salmon pasta (salmon is definitely my favourite food)!

I haven't bought much from Primark recently, but I popped in a couple of weeks ago and picked up this snakeskin print blouse. Not that it can be told from these photos, but it is longer at the back than the front, which I love. I also bought these New Look bootie wedges last week; they're going to be my go-to Autumn boot.

I need to get all caught up on NYFW now; I'm going to make a big mug of tea, put the fire on and get checking out all the shows from this weekend online!

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Everybody's Starry Eyed [A/W Trend]

As I sit here at the breakfast bar in my boyfriend's kitchen, there is rain bouncing off the conservatory roof behind me... Autumn has arrived. And with Autumn comes all of the exciting new A/W trends!

One pattern that really stood out for me in the A/W shows earlier this year was star print (at Dolce & Gabbana especially) and I am really excited to see that the high street has created some beautiful patterned pieces too. The thought of getting up on a freezing cold, blustery, dark morning and adorining myself in stars makes me genuinely look forward to such weather!

Browsing this season's star embellished garments, I have noticed they the prints themselves fall into two (equally as covetable) categories:

1. Big, bold, Hollywood Boulevard style stars, like those seen at D&G. I love the goats hair & shearling coat below; it screams "I feel like a star" and would be so much fun to wear. I also love this sweater from Sea NY.

2. Celestial stars that remind us of a real night sky, shown, for example, on this tiered sleeved Topshop blouse and this Oasis dress. The dress is a personal favourite and is definitely on my wishlist for the season! Completing your look with diamond stud earrings would add an extra twinkle to your star themed look too!

Which type of star print do you prefer (or like me are you enamoured by both)? Is this print on your A/W to-buy list?


Festival Attire

Sorry for the long absence; I was at Leeds festival from last Wednesday until this Monday and since then life has, quite frankly, been completely hectic! No more long breaks for a while, I promise. Leeds fest was fantastic. It was the rainiest festival I have ever been to (not that you can tell from the photos), but that didn't spoil the fun!

Today I had a hair appointment, but my appointment had gotten lost somewhere along the line & so I had to wait an hour after my original time before they could fit me in. Of course this meant I ended up going shopping. I bought two pairs of boots from New Look, which I am excited to show you all; they're to become my Autumn 2011 staple shoes. I love seeing all of the new Autumn collections in the high street stores.
I think it might be my favourite season fashion-wise!

Do you love Autumn dressing as much as I do?