Outfit, Halloween Prep & Winter Coats

I know, not the best photos ever; sorry! Wore this outfit for yet more halloween decoration shopping & then to begin setting it all up in the house ready for tonight's party! I am so excited; There are pumpkins galore & hundreds of candles set up in the room I am sat in right now, and we still have lots to set up.

It's gotten to the time of year when I start to complain to my boyfriend that I am "freezing" whenever I leave the house after nightfall, and I think that this signals that it is time for me to invest in a new winter coat. I have been browsing online and so far, this Topshop coat is my favourite. It is 70% wool & the faux fur collar is detachable. What do you guys think? Like it?

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This & That

[Coat - vintage from the Salvation Army, Necklace - F21, Blouse & Jeans - Primark, Bag - Topshop, Boots - New Look]

I wore this today whilst me & the boy dashed round town, picking up props and decorations for our up-coming Halloween party. I am so excited to decorate the house with lots of scary and gory props... And drink the Halloween themed punch!

I love this leopard print handbag; I bought it quite a while ago in a Topshop sale (maybe around March?), but it ended up in a box under my bed and so this is the first time I have worn it. It is clearly become my staple, go-to bag for a while, because it is such a perfect size (I love bags with lots and lots of space inside) and I love that it is multi-handled.


Sunday Sun

[DIY denim shirt, Primark jeans, F21 pumps, studded belt stolen from boyfriend]

I love Sundays. Spending time with loved ones, eating big cooked breakfasts or Sunday Roast dinner, catching up on your favourite TV shows you've missed during the busy week, getting time to sit down and read or work on a project. Oh Sunday, you beauty!

This morning I accompanied the family & family friends to brunch and drank a lot of tea. I decided to wear this DIY denim shirt that I bleached a few years ago, whilst I was at university. (There seemed to be a season in which almost every blogger was bleaching all sorts of items & I had lots of fun joining in. I think I bleached a tee which my boyfriend has since stolen and claimed as his own too.) I paired the shirt with a studded belt & I was contemplating wearing heels, but my feet demanded comfort, so pumps won out. :)

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend!
What is your favourite day of the week?

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Want, Want, Want, Want

Alexander Wang boots, 3.1 Phillip Lim jacket, All Saints embellished top, YSL clutch
Just a wishlist on a cold, rainy day :).

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Late, Late Summer

It is October and it has been 25 degrees celcius & beautifully sunny the past week. This is very strange, yet completely awesome! This late Summer (which, according to forecasts will be long gone next week) has given me the opportunity to wear some Summery items of clothing that I thought I wouldn't get to put on until next year, which is fun!

Here I'm wearing an AA bandeau bra, floral H&M tank and F21 necklace. The tank top I bought a few months ago and never got round to wearing, so this random October sun granted me the perfect opportunity to get at least one wear out of it before 2012!

I really can't believe we are only three months away from the start of the next year! Despite the warm weather, I have been writing myself a sensible shopping list (well, as sensible as my shopping lists get) with staple items for winter. As well as a new pair of flat, black leather boots (reccomendations welcome), I have added to the list some jewellery from Fresh Trends. I have stretched ears and their organic mother of pearl plugs look amazing!

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