Apologies for the lack of updates over the last week! Being a complete Calamity Jane, I managed to burn my nose last week by leaning too close to the glass plated gas fire. The end of my nose ended up bright red and blistered and needless to say it both looked ridiculous and hurt a lot! Everyone I know had a good laugh over my clumsiness & it is almost back to normal now so all is well. Must. Stop. Being. Clumsy!

I wore this outfit out to the cinema (watched The Grey) & a quick dinner at Gourmet Burger Kitchen a few days ago. My "Taxi Driver" burger was amazing, though goodness only knows the amount of calories I consumed! I love my new pink & brown striped cardigan; It isn't a colour combination I would have expected, but it reminds me of an ice-cream sundae, which obviously makes me want to wear it all the more!!

Have a beautiful week everyone!


  1. How was The Grey? I've heard it's ok but I tend to find Liam Neeson films a bit ridiculous.
    I keep seeing the advert for that burger and really want to try it!

  2. love your jacket! the colors :)

  3. That burger looks sooooo yummy! Anyhoo, hope your nose is all better now. I can only imagine how much that hurt!
    BTW, love the sweater and wedge shoes:)

  4. That denim shorts is so cute--nice jacket dear :)


  5. This burger looks incredible! Mmmm
    Really like your cardi!

  6. Cute sweater and that burger looks amazing!

    xo Gillie

  7. cute outfit ... follw each other? x x

  8. I love your jacket so much it's totally amazing.

  9. What a gorgeous cardigan! Such an unusual colour combo but it looks great!

    Ivory :)

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