So, Here It Is... (Almost)

[Jumper - Joe Fresh, Coat - H&M, Jeans - Joe Fresh, Necklace - F21, Ring - H&M, Boots - Ardene]

It is December 18th and I'm freaking out over the upcoming Holidays. I haven't finished my Christmas shopping, I haven't baked everything I want to, I haven't cleaned the apartment ready for holiday parties... stress, stress, stress! Is anyone else feeling the same? 

I wore this yesterday on my boyfriend's birthday. 
We had a delicious lunch with his dad, then went to the aquarium (the great thing about having a year's membership card means you can randomly decide in the middle of the afternoon to spend an hour there and you haven't had to spend $40 to get in, yay) and ended the day watching The Hobbit. It was a lovely, low-key day! My birthday is on Thursday (we are both 25 this week) and I have no idea what to do, although it will probably be a similar low-key day! :)


  1. love your coat!!
    thanks for your comment and follow you on google friends connect and bloglovin!!
    xoxo pretty=)

  2. Loving your sweater! Happy birthday to you and your boyfriend, and happy holidays! I still haven't finished my shopping yet either, ahh!


  3. Super cute comfy look. I should finish my x-mas shopping too. Actually I should start with it :-)

  4. I have finished my Christmas shopping but now I just need to wrap it all (which I am awful at!) Hope you had a lovely birthday!

    Maria xxx

  5. You're adorable! I love your glasses, they define your sense of style perfectly. Check out my blog if you get a chance; I would love to hear what you think!