Apologies for the lack of updates over the last week! Being a complete Calamity Jane, I managed to burn my nose last week by leaning too close to the glass plated gas fire. The end of my nose ended up bright red and blistered and needless to say it both looked ridiculous and hurt a lot! Everyone I know had a good laugh over my clumsiness & it is almost back to normal now so all is well. Must. Stop. Being. Clumsy!

I wore this outfit out to the cinema (watched The Grey) & a quick dinner at Gourmet Burger Kitchen a few days ago. My "Taxi Driver" burger was amazing, though goodness only knows the amount of calories I consumed! I love my new pink & brown striped cardigan; It isn't a colour combination I would have expected, but it reminds me of an ice-cream sundae, which obviously makes me want to wear it all the more!!

Have a beautiful week everyone!


A Lazy Day

[Jacket - Primark, Skull tee - Topshop, Cross ring - Urban Outfitters]

I wore this outfit for a lazy day off work yesterday. I didn't do very much, just walked the dog, got some odd-jobs done & read, but sometimes those sorts of days can be just as satisfying as the busy or more exciting days, don't you think?

I'm wearing one of my favourite oversized tees, this Topshop skull adorned one, which I definitely don't wear often enough, as well as a new jacket I picked up in Primark (I only went in intending to buy an umbrella, but came out with a jacket instead, oops) and my UO double finger cross ring. 

I hope everyone is having a lovely week so far!


Necklace & Knit

The temperature has suddenly dropped here (considering we had quite a mild December) & I can see my breath every time I go outside... Hence the fact I'm living in my oversized, woollen knits at the moment! I can't stop, I'm sorry Fashion Gods!

At least I have my new Topshop necklace, which I bought in the sales a couple of weeks ago, to adorn my woollen outfits. It was half price and I am incapable of resisting half price Topshop jewellery, but is anyone?!

I hope everyone has been having a lovely week :)


Pale Ale

[Givenchy, Acne, Jimmy Choo, Topshop]

Normally, when shoe shopping, I seem to subconsciously steer towards choosing black shoes. But at the moment I am loving pale coloured footwear. Grey, nude, beige, clay... Whatever the pale colour, I'm into it!

Are you loving pale coloured shoes?


About A Coat

[Faux-feather/fur jacket - M&S Outlet, Leopard print blouse - H&M, Jeans - Primark, Pumps - Unknown]

I bought this jacket a couple of months ago on my first visit to the Cheshire Oaks Outlet village. Marks & Spencer isn't a store I usually shop in, but I was with my Mum and she loves it, so I went in with her... And then this jacket caught my eye. I knew I didn't necessarily need a new statement jacket, but the desire to own it was greater than any sensible notions I had, and so it came home with me. And I am so glad that it did, because it is so warm and so much fun to wear!

I wore it with one of my favourite blouses, from H&M, & simple skinny jeans to shop/eat lunch in Liverpool with the boyfriend yesterday. I didn't buy anything in the end, but had a lovely long lunch at Jamie's Italian, which I will post about soon!


NYE Outfit

I thought I should do a quick post to share my New Year's Eve outfit, since I have neglected to post any holiday related outfits over the last couple of weeks, despite the fact that it has been my birthday & Christmas too!

I love this jersey snake-print dress, which is from H&M; it is so easy to throw on (which is lucky since I had to get ready for NYE very quickly as I'd been in work all day) and is super comfortable. It being comfy is also handy, as I'm finding it increasingly difficult to dress for anything other than comfort in this cold, windy weather at the moment. I have been guilty of throwing on jeans and multiple woollen jumpers and scarves lately and ignoring more 'exciting' items of clothing, so it is nice to have dresses like this one to rely on for both comfort and style!

Have a lovely weekend everyone! :)


Wardrobe Staples

Because I'm pretty sure that reading my ramblings every post gets boring for you guys, here is an article contributed by Drew Remington about the staple items that every wardrobe needs. Normal posting resumes tomorrow :)

Every woman has their go-to staples in their wardrobe as far as essential items that they can’t imagine doing without. Whether you want to play your favourite video poker machine in a glamorous Vegas casino or enjoy an evening at the opera, many of the same versatile wardrobe items can serve you equally well in different situations. Wardrobe staples will always vary from person to person, but many have a lot in common, as we’ll see when we look at some of the more popular staples below:

Little Black Dress: This one has its own loving acronym (LBD) and it’s a classic wardrobe staple for women that’s simple, elegant, and very versatile. It works in the office (with a cardigan or blazer over it) as well as out on the town, with a little splash of jewellery and heels.


Cardigan sweaters: Cardigans not only look stylish but they’re great for spring or fall when you’re not sure just how warm or cool it may be, as you can easily wear them or take them off and tie them around your neck. They’re also perfect for when you’ll be in and out of air conditioned buildings (such as playing casino games during a Vegas trip), as they’re easy enough to slip on and off to stay comfortable.


Black skirt: Black is a common color in many wardrobe staples and for good reason, as it’s both subdued and work-appropriate but also glamorous and elegant when it needs to be. Don’t go too short with the skirt as that will limit it but a knee-length skirt is perfect for many different occasions and settings.


Black pumps: Pumps can be worn with virtually any outfit and still look good and once again the color black gives you plenty of options as far as what style and color of clothes you pair up your pumps up.