[Faux-sheepskin gillet -Internacionale, White tee - Primark, Heels - Clarks, Jeans - Topshop, Headband worn as necklace - H&M]

This is another outfit my cousin photographed for me a week or so ago. I have had this gillet for over a year & never got round to wearing it, which is terrible, I know. It's one of those pieces that I always reach for, but then at the last minute decide it's just not right for said outfit. Hopefully now that I have worn it once, I will feel more confident adding it to outfits in the future! I love the heels I'm wearing here, they were bought on a trip to Cheshire Oaks outlet village last winter from Clarks, which is a shoe store that I very rarely enter. I'm very glad I popped into the outlet store on that day though, I think these were reduced to about £15.00!

A little bit off topic, but I am a major book/tv/movie junkie and I went to see The Hunger Games earlier this week. I had read the trilogy of books last year & have been looking forward to the movie ever since, and I think the movie really did the book justice. I'd totally reccomend seeing the movie & reading the books to everyone!
Speaking of book adaptions, Game Of Thrones season 2 begins on television tomorrow night and I am so excited. The books the show is taken from (A Song Of Ice & Fire series) are amazing and there are scenes from the books that I really can't wait to see come to life onscreen! Are any of you lovely people fans of The Hunger Games or Game Of Thrones? :)

And lastly, I finally bought myself a custom URL & so you can now visit my blog at www.shesdressingup.com


Sunny Daze

1. Ring - Claire's
2. Delicious lunch board at a country pub
3. Sandals- New Look
4. I've been wearing Barry M in Bright Pink on my fingers & toes.
5. Canal side walk in the sun

I have a week off work this week and it has come about at the perfect time, as we have been having unseasonally warm and sunny weather in the UK! Yay! The last few days have been spent on countryside walks, pub lunches, painting my nails bright colours, digging out last Summer's sandals & even the first BBQ of the year :). Outfit posting will resume next time!


Point & Shoot.

[Studded Sweater - Topshop, Ring - Urban Outfitters, Shorts - Unknown, Pumps - F21]

My lovely cousin Stephanie came to stay with my family for a few days and she is a photography student, so obviously I had to ask her to take my outfit photos whilst she was here! I've always wanted to invest in a good DSLR, but have never been brave enough to take the plunge and actually choose one. Plus I'm usually trying to save up money for something or other (right now I'm saving up for some travel plans my boyfriend and I have) so the timing has never seemed right to go ahead and buy one. I am very fond of my own Canon digital, I've had it a few years and it takes quite nice pictures. However, I feel like it is time to actually get round to making that all important purchase (plus, I feel like I'm pretty much the last blogger on earth who doesn't use an SLR; tell me there are more of us out there?!) and so as soon as I have some disposable income I will definitely be investing it in a camera.

This multi-coloured, studded sweater from Topshop is one of my favourite items right now, and it is so much fun to wear! And I wear this cross ring all the time, but have never managed to get it into an outfit shot properly, so I'm happy to have finally documented it!

Have a beautiful weekend, everyone!


An Outfit.

[Silver knit - H&M, Draped knit worn underneath - H&M, Necklace - F21, Boots - New Look, Jeans - Primark]

My boyfriend Tom bought me this metalic, oversized knit from H&M for Valentine's Day last month... And then after the first wear, I accidently shrunk it in the clothes dryer... Goodbye oversized-ness, oops! So, for a day of shopping recently I wore it over another knit from H&M & with my new New Look ankle boots. I'm so glad that I found these ankle boots, because I have been looking for some new boots for months now, to no avail. I'm sure they will be on my feet a lot between now and Summer.

Is everyone having a nice weekend so far? I have to work this afternoon, but have got a fun night of food and wine with friends to look forward to, to get me through the work day!


Wants & Desires

Printed dress - Dries Van Noten
Wallet - See By Chloe
Studded Sandals - Jeffrey Campbell
Embroidered Clutch - Balmain

If one of each of these items were to magically appear in front of my eyes right now I would be a very happy lady.

What are you coveting at the moment? :)


Life In Pictures

1. On the spur of the moment whilst at my hair appointment at the weekend I had my hair cut slightly differently & a shorter than I had it before. I'm really glad I decided to have a change & I love having it shorter so far :). (The lipstick I'm wearing is Pink Shock by Collection 2000)

2. As usual I have managed to forget where my jewellery is from. I'm tempted to say this ring is from Topshop, but I'm really not sure if it is. Oh dear. It is definitely from a high street store!

3. Nipped back into the Tate Liverpool this week when I was in the city having lunch to take some photos (one of Warhol's Campbell's soup range pictured).

4. Can't stop wearing my H&M shoes!

5. Rosemary skinny fries with garlic mayonnaise dip at GBK. Nom nom.



[Shoes - H&M, Blouse - Primark, Cardigan - H&M]

Just a casual outfit today (though this Primark blouse, bought a while back, is one of my favourite items to throw on for any occasion) worn for lunch with the boy. I picked up these H&M shoes in January, and I'm glad I finally got round to blogging about them because I'm pretty sure I'll be living in them this Spring! They're a perfect "wear with everything" shoe & I love that they're a masculiney-creepery-broguey concoction.

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend! :)