[Tee - Boyfriend's, Skirt - Primark, Boots - New Look, Jacket - Thrifted]

I wore this to go for lunch with my boyfriend today. This is my first time wearing this jersey asymmetrical skirt from Primark. I wasn't sure if I would suit the trend so decided just to pick a cheap version up to try out & although I loved wearing it, I'm glad I didn't splash out because when we returned home from lunch I decided to clean the bathroom, forgetting to change my clothes and ended up getting bleach down the skirt!
 Why am I so clumsy?! There are some random red patches on it from the bleaching now, so I think I will go the whole way and bleach it some more, DIY style!

 Between shrinking things in the wash & accidental bleaching I am terribly accident prone when it comes to my clothes!

Hage you ever damaged a favourite piece of clothing? Did you manage to fix it? :)


I Have Favourites.

[Dress - Topshop, Jacket - Primark, Necklace - Gogo Philip]

I really, really love this dress. To the extent that I think I might have posted an outfit post including it only a few months ago (not sure), but I feel it needs to be posted again! It annoys me when the media are shocked to see a celebrity in the same dress twice, as though it is some sort of fashion crime. Everyone has pieces in their wardrobe that they like to throw on more often than others, or a special item that makes you feel good. And this dress is one of those items for me :).

These photos have turned out particularly blury today and I have no idea why. Fingers crossed that my camera hasn't gone downhill!

Have a gorgeous week everyone!


I'd Wear This All At Once

Blouse - Alexander Wang
Sandals - Jeffrey Campbell
Shorts - Topshop
Ring - Elizabeth & James

Wishlist time! I'm loving sleeveless blouses at the moment and this botanical one by Alexander Wang is gorgeous. And who could resist python print platforms? And that ring! I need more orange in my life.
If I win the lottery this weekend I'm going to be purchasing one of each ;).

I hope everyone is having a nice week! I've had a busy/fun/stressful week so far, but hopefully it is calming down now so I can catch up on everyone's blogs!


Bespectacled Me

[Skull Tee - Topshop, Necklace - Unknown (a gift), Cardigan - Primark]

Although it isn't obvious from how little I post photos of me wearing them (in fact it was way back in February when I last did), I wear glasses on an almost daily basis. On my days off work I often wear contact lenses, hence why they evade photographs a lot of the time. Plus, if I'm completely honest, I have gotten into the habit of taking them off for photos sometimes.

But, last week, I finally got round to buying two new pairs of glasses (this Jai Kudo pair in the pics being one, the other pair are a tortoiseshell pair by Karl Largerfeld) and I haven't wanted to take them off since! I guess when you are so used to wearing something, it is just really refreshing and fun to change it up :).

Thankyou for all the recent comments everyone, you guys are so lovely!



[Silk vest - Topshop, Jersey Dress - H&M (I think), Necklace - Accessorize, Sunglasses - Unknown]

I wore this outfit when the weather was still beautiful (now it is back to being cold with grey skies). The silk motorcycle-style vest is one of my favourite ever sale finds, which I bought a couple of years ago. There isn't much more satisfying than stumbling across the most perfect bargain on a sale rack, is there?! Speaking of great deals, I have been checking out all of the womens clothing at Argos lately and there are some fantastic pieces on there right now!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! I have to work this afternoon, but am very much looking forward to a relaxing Sunday involving lots of chocolate Easter eggs, yay!