Off With Her Coat!

[Skirt - Topshop, Top - F21, Boots - Urban Outfitters, Hat - American Apparel, Necklace - F21]

Having a fashion blog & only one winter coat is rather awkward, because when the weather is cold (and it has been rather chilly in Vancouver for a while now) you have to wear it every day, therefore limiting outfit photo opportunities! Back in England I had lots of warm coats and jackets (& a cape or two) acquired over about 6 years, but after moving over here this Summer with no coat at all (limited suitcase space and  weight limits meant I decided to just buy one here) I bought the black & leopard print coat in my most recent outfit post at the start of Winter and have pretty much worn it every day since. 

So today, as we left our apartment building to go for brunch, I whipped off my coat, threw it at my boyfriend's feet, thrust the camera at him and got some photos of what I was wearing before we headed out into the cold rain. I probably looked insane to anyone witnessing us leaving the building, but oh well! A blogger has to do what she has to do, right?!

Have a lovely week everyone :)!


  1. Love this outfit, your lipstick is fab and I love that top!

    Maria xxx

  2. LOLZ...I know what you mean. We Canadian bloggers do have our work cut out for us:P Loving the hat and the skirt.

  3. Amazing look!! I love that skirt. Of course I will :)


  4. What a great look, loving the lipstick!

  5. The necklace is amazing!

    nice blog btw .. wanna follow each other? let me know!


  6. Haha I have just the same problem. I only have one nice coat, my other is a bit boring that I use for school (don't want kids throwing up on a nice coat!)
    That skirt is a perfect casual black skirt, love it!

  7. I love that outfit!!
    Much love,