Thief, Thief

[Men's Plaid Shirt: Joe Fresh, Necklace: F21]

OK, I admit it... I'm a thief. But don't worry, it's only my boyfriend's clothes that I've been stealing! He almost didn't let me borrow this shirt today, but I just ignored his protests (the best tactic in such situations) and he came round to my wearing it in the end, woohoo!

I've realised that my last post was the first in which I was wearing a dress since December (and even then, that was more of an oversized knit), which really surprised me. I'm totally in the habit of throwing on jeans after work or on a rainy day, and since this takes up two thirds of my time I often neglect dresses, even though I love wearing them! I'm thinking that maybe I need to invest in some dresses for the new season, so I've been having an online browsing session.  Garage Clothing's dress selection, especially, is getting me excited about wearing more dresses in the future!


  1. gorgeous look. love your glasses and your blouse.
    Maren Anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  2. I love the shirt. I borrow my husband's too sometimes:) And your lipstick looks rad!

  3. Oh honey, I steal almost all my husband's clothes. Jeans, concert tees, button-down shirts, sunglasses. It's cute AND it gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling. Who could resist -- especially when it makes you look this fab? ;D


  4. I love plaid, so cool that it is your boyfriends and you styled it so well. I definitely agree, borrow it anyway regardless of what he says.

  5. It's okay to steal the boyfriend's clothes because this shirt looks really cool with the necklace! :)

  6. You look fantastic and great shirt! Really suits you!!!

  7. I love this shirt on you, I steal my boyfriend's clothes too, they are much cosier than mine!

    Maria xxx

  8. I love to 'borrow' my dads stuff as
    well :P Nice shirt and glasses!


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