Saint Laurent Paris, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Topshop, Acne 

Silver seems to be the colour I'm most attracted to at the moment & so I am on the hunt for the perfect metallic leather jacket before Autumn swoops in on us!

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Vacation, Vacation, Vacation

[White tunic - Zara, Polka Dot jeans - Matalan, Pink sandals - Topshop,  Black studded bag - Primark]

I went on vacation to Turkey, & it was wonderful. Beautiful skies, tons of tasty food, white sands, blue sea, and time to sit and relax. If only it was compulsory to go away on holiday every month!

Being back in England isn't too bad, though. I opened my emails this morning to see that Style Fruits have selected me as one of their five Insider's Tip Blog of the Month nominees, which is all sorts of lovely! 

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Skirt (Around The Issue)

[Tank: H&M, Skirt: River Island, Shoes: Primark]

I own a lot of skirts, but I don't actually, you know, wear them very often, and, since this is what they're designed for, I feel like I should probably start to leave the house in them more. So, this weekend I pulled myself out of my jeans-jeans-jeans comfort zone (I really do love jeans), and wore this lovely skirt I picked up a few weeks ago for only £10 in the River Island sale. And I'm glad I did, because I had the most fun swishing it around everywhere all day -- how grown up of me, right?! 

Dear skirts of my wardrobe, thankyou for putting up with my ignoring you for so long. I promise this will not continue. Yours sincerely, Nicola.

Have a lovely week, everyone!


Ta-dah: outfit change.

If only I could snap my fingers and then suddenly be wearing this outfit!


Black, Blue & the obligatory leopard print.

[T-shirt - Urban Outfitters, Jeans - Primark, Boots - Topshop, Clutch - Burman Textiles]

I go on holiday in three weeks, and have started the inevitable descent into "Oh no, I have no holiday clothes" territory. This involves hopelessly staring at my clothing rail and adding way too many items to my basket on the Topshop website. One thing I really do need, though, is some swimwear, so, I'm trying to get into the zone of imagining myself on the beach, ice cold drink in hand before I commit to any purchases!! I think it's working..!


denim jackets & salmon on sourbread

I'm having a super busy May, time is running away from me and I'm just not quite quick enough to catch up with it. I've been wearing a lot of denim and enjoying England in bloom & I'm aiming to be back on track by the bank holiday weekend!

I hope everyone is well. Monday is over; hurrah!