Cookie Confession

On Sunday I decided I definitely needed cookies. And I didn't just need any cookie, I needed them to be fresh out of the oven, and have chocolate chips and fudge pieces in them. Thus, I would have to bake them myself. But, it was already 3.30pm and there wouldn't be a ton of time before dinner to get some baking in, and so - I am not ashamed to admit - I cheated, and bought a Betty Crocker choc chip cookie mix (the type you just add water to and then stir into a dough). 

Maybe this isn't the way a woman in her midtwenties should be getting her bake on, but, my track record with putting my all into baking a recipe from scratch isn't great; a lot of baked goods created with my two hands end up over cooked, not cooked enough, or just plain wrong (the last time I baked cookies they came out as scones), and I'm glad I played it quick, easy and safe this time!

They were delicious though, and the extra chocolate chips and fudge pieces I added to the dough made the cookies even more yummy! My dog definitely thought that if he sat nicely enough he would get to try one, but unfortunately these were for humans only, so he got a dog biscuit instead, which I'm pretty sure he enjoyed!


Lately: Brunching In Black.

Lately: Black and leopard print ensembles. Amazing brunches (pulled pork topped hash; heaven). Trying to step into spring on shopping trips.

Today I slept in to a time that is only acceptable on the most lazy of Sundays, then baked cookies (& photographed for a future blog-post) and painted my nails an obnoxiously bright green.

I am rather excited about the premier of Game Of Thrones airing tonight! It is being streamed live at 2am over here.I don't start work until midday tomorrow and I can't decide whether I'm hardcore enough to stay up and watch it. I do have a supply of freshly baked cookies and coffee to get me through it, which could be what helps me make my decision ultimately. Is anyone else a fan of the show?

Happy Monday everyone!


Silver Surfer

[Shoes: Boohoo.com, Plaid shirt: Joe Fresh, Metallic top: H&M, Jeans: New Look, Union Jack Purse: A gift]

I think silver & red might be my new favourite colour combination!


Tee me.

[Tee: River Island, Shorts: Levis, Leggings: H&M, Boots: Dorothy Perkins, Ring: Primark]

Since I've been dressing more formally through the week, my weekends are inevitably spent in casual attire. My favourite bejewelled tee, frayed shorts, leggings & ankle boots was my outfit of choice for a day of coffee, cake & meeting friend's puppies this weekend!

I got my first paycheck from my new job today and am currently eyeing up my saved wishlists on various online stores with beady eyes. But what do I need want more? Ankle boots or TV show boxset?!

Sometimes the least important decisions are the hardest.

Have a lovely week, everyone! 


Leopard heads are always appreciated.

[Sweater & Necklace: H&M, Jeans: River Island, Boots: Dorothy Perkins, Ring: Primark]

Oversized purple sweater, covered in leopard heads and emblazoned with the word America in capital letters for no apparent reason?! YES PLEASE.

For the first time in my life, I now have a job which requires "office attire", albeit smart-casual, so no full on suits. I've always passed by the work-wear section of stores and never felt the desire the click into the office relevant section when online shopping, so to suddenly be in the position where I need to put together a new, more formal, wardrobe has been interesting to say the least! I have had a lot of fun picking out some new pieces to wear for work, although I did have trouble putting back the bleached and ripped jeans I tried on in Zara yesterday, in favour of a cardigan and blouse instead. 
Old habits die hard, it seems!


Kisses On My Clothes

[Alice & Olivia dress,  Musubi Miracle lips brooch, Saint Laurent cross-over dress, Jimmy Choo clutch, Vans sneakers]

The print I'm most coveting right now: LIPS!

 I'd love to walk around with a silver, lip printed clutch under my arm and appliqué lips all over the skirt of my dress. Infact, I want kisses all over my clothes; I don't think that is too much for a girl to ask for, right?!