Tulle, Sequins & Jewels

I never went to my high school prom when I left high school at 16. I went to an All Girls school and my friends and I decided that, instead of paying for an expensive ticket & buying an expensive dress, we would just have our own celebrations instead. Then, when I left A Level college at 18, the prom was cancelled due to lack of ticket sales & when I gradiated university a few years ago, my friends there and I decided not to splash out on the ball since we were already drowning in student debt and, again, make our own celebrations,
So, I have never had the opportunity to wear a prom dress. And, now that I'm 24, I'm kind of sad about it! One day I will find an excuse to buy one and wear it somewhere :).

Anyway, if I was going to a prom this Summer I'd definitely choose one of these two beauties from the Topshop Dress Up collection! Tulle, sequins and jewels... Perfect!

I hope everyone has a gorgeous weekend; The weather here is a surprisingly hot 25 degrees celcius so I am blogging from the garden :).


  1. These dresses kick a$$! Love both of them. On a side note, I went to my prom...proms are overrated:P

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  3. The weather is amazing isn't it! I just love that yellow dress, both are great choices! x

  4. Cute dresses :) I like the yellow one :)

  5. This blog is a good way to inspire others, keep it that way.

  6. Hi dear, I do hope that you get to wear a smilier pretty prom dress to some fun occasion. I love these dresses, so girly!

  7. I went to three proms and still haven't had my fill. Try wearing a vintage prom dress with a little moto jacket! If I can pull it off, I know you can. ;)

  8. love so much the dress on the left!!!!
    come visit my blog sweetie and give me ur opinion ;)

  9. SO BEAUTIFUL dresses:) I thank you fo sweet words and Im now following you on bloglovin.

    I hope you will follow me also..I have more swedish inspiration for you:)

    have a great week

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se